Order now for 2018 season
Farm opens for collection, 2nd to 19th December
Deliveries to Brisbane, Toowoomba, Caboolture & Caloundra


Where are the trees grown?

The trees are grown on a farm, 15mins outside of Kingaroy in QLD, & are acclimatised to our heat.

Do they have the pine scent?

Our trees give off a magnificent scent that will fill your room with the fresh outdoors aroma.

How long will the tree last?

On average the trees last 3-4 weeks, provided you keep it watered and follow the guidelines in the  “Care” section on our website. Ideal position is inside a cool place, AWAY from direct sunlight, windows, televisions and breezes.

How do I get the tree home?

Trees are netted and can be transported in a standard vehicle, where the back seat folds down giving  access through to the boot. Alternatively via a ute or trailer.

How do I stand my tree up?

In a bucket of water with rocks in the bottom or a purpose made Christmas tree stand such as the Cinco model, also available.