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Farm opens for collection, 2nd to 19th December
Deliveries to Brisbane, Toowoomba, Caboolture & Caloundra




The following steps will help keep your real Christmas tree looking fresh throughout the festive season.




STEP 1 - When you get the tree home, first recut the base by making a straight cut across the base taking 2cm off the stump. This enables the tree to absorb water, a must to maintain its freshness or it won’t last the season.



STEP 2 - Place your tree in a Cinco stand and tap firmly on the base.


STEP 3   - Tighten the screws against the trunk.  Raise the tree & straighten it, then tighten the screws.  Place the tree away from sunlit windows and breezes, TV & other heat sources as they will prematurely dry  the tree out.  Cut away the netting.

STEP 4 - Fill the stand with water and always keep it topped up.   It will require watering each day taking in up to 2 litres a day, as a guide.   If the water drops below the trunk, it will seal itself off and then be unable to absorb water, this will reduce the trees life. If this happens and the tree stops using water, cut a further 2cm off the base of the stump to enable the tree to absorb water once again.

If you do not wish to put your tree up immediately, store it in a cool place out of wind  and sun, in a bucket of water.





STEP 5 - Decorate and enjoy. If properly cared for, your Christmas tree will  last 3 weeks.